What Students are Saying:

Here are Emails from Amina’s Past Gangnam Style Class Students:


Your class was awesome! So much fun :-D and you were absolutely right
about being sore–I had to schedule a massage appointment this
morning. It was worth it, though!

I can tell you put in a lot of studying to get the moves down. Until I
took your class, I didn’t realize how complex Gangnam really
was–that’s why it’s so genius. PSY makes it looks EASY!!

And thanks so much for the video links–we look FIERCE! I feel a lot
more confident in pulling off PSY for halloween now…
I’ve forwarded the link on to my friends who couldn’t make it this
Sunday and let them know about coming to your next Gangnam class.

Take care,
Lakita from WV


Thanks Amina for teaching the Gangnam style dance class! We all had a blast!

- Rachel


Hey Amina:

I just saw the link of our dance, it’s awesome.
PlsĀ  keep me updated on any other Gangnam Style Classes.