Hip Hop Level 2 – Oct. 09 – Students Page

NOTE: Videos are below these announcements

Upcoming Events:
* Union Jacks Oct. 22 – 9pm across the street from the studio dinner than dancing feel free to bring 1 or 2 friends with you
Halloween Fright Night Fri. Oct. 23 – 9:30 pm  at the Museum of crime and punishment– I bought tickets for next Fri. Oct. 23, for the 9:30 timeslot but you could sign up for any date/time that suites you.  If you come join me then text or call or email me so we can look for each other (301) 641-6055).  Hope to see you there!  I’ll introcduce you to my friends and boyfriend if you come!  Feel free to bring anyone one want and tell other people from class to come too!
$20 a ticket, buy at:  http://www.crimemuseum.org/Fright_at_the_Museum

Connect online with us:
* Come join Amina’s Hip Hop Dance Class Facebook group.  This is a great way to keep in touch with all the other students from class, share pictures from class club outings, plan club outings, and receive special class discounts.  All students should join!
Friend Amina on Facebook.
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Sign up with your friends
For the upcoming sessions in Friendship Heights, Hip Hop Lvl1, Lvl2, and Beginners Bellydance plus Kids Classes! Send them to the website http://www.AminaDance.com :-)

Song List: (some songs were used in class some weren’t)

“Hotel Room Service” by Pittbull
“when i kiss your mouth” by merlin bainbridge
“She wolf” by Shakira
“calling you” by kat deluna
“day and night” by kid kudi
“day and night krookers remix”
“Hotel room service” Pittbull
“Good girls go bad” cobra starship
“Run the Show” By Kat Deluna Featuring Don Omar
“she wolf” shakira
“I gotta feeling” black eyed peas
“I’m On” by Ciara
“get your money up” –keri hilson ft. keyshia Cole and Trina
“i’m good” – by Blaque (movie ”honey” soundtrack)
“stuttering” by Mario — dont remember artist

“Let it Rock” by Kevin Rudolf feat. Lil Wayne
“Whine up” — elephant man and someone can’t remember her name
“speakerphone” — kylie minogue
“The Fame” — Lady Gaga
“Turning me on” — keri hilson feateruing lil wayne
“Live your life” — TI featuring Rihanna
“right round” — flo rida (we did a little dance to this)
“ek pardesi” — harry’s bonfire party (indian song)
“calabria” — not sure who it’s by (used with latin solo)
“just dance” — lady gaga
“the fame” — lady gaga
“startstruck “– lady gaga
“shake it” — metro station
“drop it on me” — ricky martin (latin song)
“beware of the boys” — punjabi mc ft jay z (for indian dance)
“circus” — brittney spears
“just fine” — mary j blige
“I wanna make love right now” — not sure who it’s by, but I hate this song, just use it sometimes for the slow beat

Private Practice Videos:

Class 1

Class 2 – take 1

Class 2- take 2

Class 2 – take 3

Class 3 – group 1

Class 4 – group 2 – take 1

Class 4 – group 2 – take 2