Level 1 – Fri. – Jan 2010

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You can make up in any Monday class this session or next.  Their time is 8:30 to 9pm (different from our time). I’m going to give a special level 2 discount to everyone who has perfect attendance meaning they either come to every class or make up every class in THIS session.

Written List of Moves in choreography routine:

Please refer to videos below for practice so you practice correctly, you will do 2 counts of 8 of each step:

1.) Step tap (step on your right foot first and tap your left toe not heal — keep continuing alternating sides)
2.) step cross
3.) Slide (slide to the right first, then left, keep going — remember to lean your upper body towards the foot that is dragging)
4.) Turn — will be added next class
5.) Shoulder Shimmy (1st 8 counts are the guys way — 2nd 8 counts girls do the girl shimmy — remember the guys moves are all unisex)
6.) C-walk variation doubles (bend and jump the right foot out onto the heal — twice on right — then twice on left — then 1 more 8 count)
7.) C-walk variation singles (same thing as above but once on each foot rather than twice)
8.) Tiga’s move cross step (pigeon toe in, turn body, and bring other foot behind) — see how to video below
9.) clown shoes — see how to video below
10.) Chicken head — see how to video below

Class videos of students for practice at home (or at least watch it):

Class 2 — Amina Deomonstrates the whole dance
Class 2 — Volunteer group – Jan 2010
Class 1 – Group 1 – Jan. 2010
Class 1 – Group 2 – Jan. 2010

Class 4 Video — NEW (Feb. 13, 2010)!!


Class 2 — Amina Deomonstrates the whole dance

Class 2- Amina goes over the new move

Class 2- Amina goes over side body rolls

Class 2 – Amina teaches Clown Shoes Step

Class 2 — Volunteer group – Jan 2010


Class 1 – Group 1 – Jan. 2010

Class 1 – Group 2 – Jan. 2010

Body Isolations to practice Videos at THIS Link – Amina teaching:

password is aminadance.com
Body Roll down description: Legs are apart, knees are straight and not bent, Chest out shoulders back, lean back with your chest still out, still leaning back push your chest in, still leaning back contract your stomach in, bend knees slightly into a slight sitting position
Body Roll down in succession description: Same as above, just when you end in the sitting position, straighten your bent knees out by pushing on your thighs (just for practice), legs are straight now, push out with your chest again and repeat the body roll down description

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P.S. If you feel like you can recommend class to a friend, my next session sign ups are online already, so please send them the link http://www.AminaDance.com — Also, my boyfriend is a mechanical engineer and was recently layed off. If any of you can take his resume-cv, please let me know too! :)

Song List:
(NOTE: not all of these were used last class and not all songs are on list becuase I can’t remember the names of all of them)

“replay” by sean kingston — song we did choreography dance to
“watcha say” by Jason Derulo — acoustic version and regular version
“firefly” by Owl city

“Blue Jeans” by Jesse James
“Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus
“Down” by Jay Sean ft. lil wayne
“3″ by Brittney Spears
“Fire Burning on the dance floor” by Sean Kingston
“Sexy Bitch” by David Guetta ft. Akon
“Hotel Room Service” by Pittbull
“when i kiss your mouth” by merlin bainbridge
“She wolf” by Shakira
“calling you” by kat deluna
“day and night” by kid kudi
“day and night krookers remix”
“Hotel room service” Pittbull
“Good girls go bad” cobra starship
“Run the Show” By Kat Deluna Featuring Don Omar
“she wolf” shakira
“I gotta feeling” black eyed peas
“I’m On” by Ciara
“get your money up” –keri hilson ft. keyshia Cole and Trina
“i’m good” — by Blaque (movie “honey” soundtrack)
“stuttering” by Mario — dont remember artist

“Let it Rock” by Kevin Rudolf feat. Lil Wayne
“Whine up” — elephant man and someone can’t remember her name
“speakerphone” — kylie minogue
“The Fame” — Lady Gaga
“Turning me on” — keri hilson feateruing lil wayne
“Live your life” — TI featuring Rihanna
“right round” — flo rida (we did a little dance to this)
“ek pardesi” — harry’s bonfire party (indian song)
“calabria” — not sure who it’s by (used with latin solo)
“just dance” — lady gaga
“the fame” — lady gaga
“startstruck “– lady gaga
“shake it” — metro station
“drop it on me” — ricky martin (latin song)
“beware of the boys” — punjabi mc ft jay z (for indian dance)
“circus” — brittney spears
“just fine” — mary j blige
“I wanna make love right now” — not sure who it’s by, but I hate this song, just use it sometimes for the slow beat