Hip Hop Level 2 – Tuesdays – Nov 09

NOTE There IS class this coming Tuesday Nov. 24 and it’s the last class of the session but you can sign up for the following session (unless you have make-ups) directly at this link
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Make-up your missed classes:
You can make up in the Dec. session starting immediately after this one starts same time and place (or if you’re in that one you can make up in the next session).  Also next session will be more like a level 3 as Stetson will be teaching mostly new moves.  Sign up here and use the coupon code in your email.

Upcoming Tentative Dates — come and get extra credit! ;-)

Thurs. Dec. 3
FOR SURE Club Night Out Union Jacks 9pmish dinner, then dancing around 10 or 11pm, come and go as you please

Club Night Out Details:
December 3, Thursday 9pm — Union Jacks 9pm we’ll eat dinner then start dancing around 10pmish they open up the dance floor and we start dancing. Come and bring friends if you like! We usually leave when the club closes (around 1 or 2 am) but you can come and leave whenever.

Special Offer!!!! :-)
You and your friends get a FREE 1 week gym membership and if you join they get a rate of $49/month rather than regular $69/month

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Song List from Stetson & Amina:
(top 4 or 5 songs are from stetson’s class)

Chris Brown (feat. Lil Wayne) – I Can Transform Ya
Nicki Minaj (feat. Lil Wayne) – I Get Crazy (make sure you get it edited because it’s
kinda raunchy otherwise lol)
Kraak & Smaak – Squeeze Me
Omarion (feat Gucci Mane) – I Get It In
Durrough – Ice Cream Paint Job

“Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus
“Down” by Jay Sean ft. lil wayne
“3″ by Brittney Spears
“Fire Burning on the dance floor” by Sean Kingston
“Sexy Bitch” by David Guetta ft. Akon
“Hotel Room Service” by Pittbull
“when i kiss your mouth” by merlin bainbridge

“She wolf” by Shakira
“calling you” by kat deluna
“day and night” by kid kudi
“day and night krookers remix”
“Hotel room service” Pittbull
“Good girls go bad” cobra starship
“Run the Show” By Kat Deluna Featuring Don Omar
“she wolf” shakira
“I gotta feeling” black eyed peas
“I’m On” by Ciara
“get your money up” –keri hilson ft. keyshia Cole and Trina
“i’m good” — by Blaque (movie “honey” soundtrack)
“stuttering” by Mario — dont remember artist

“Let it Rock” by Kevin Rudolf feat. Lil Wayne
“Whine up” — elephant man and someone can’t remember her name
“speakerphone” — kylie minogue
“The Fame” — Lady Gaga
“Turning me on” — keri hilson feateruing lil wayne
“Live your life” — TI featuring Rihanna
“right round” — flo rida (we did a little dance to this)
“ek pardesi” — harry’s bonfire party (indian song)
“calabria” — not sure who it’s by (used with latin solo)
“just dance” — lady gaga
“the fame” — lady gaga
“startstruck “– lady gaga
“shake it” — metro station
“drop it on me” — ricky martin (latin song)
“beware of the boys” — punjabi mc ft jay z (for indian dance)
“circus” — brittney spears
“just fine” — mary j blige
“I wanna make love right now” — not sure who it’s by, but I hate this song, just use it sometimes for the slow beat

Class 1 – Group 1 – Nov09 – Level 2:

Class 1 – Group 2 – Nov 09 – Level 2:

Class 1 – Group 3 – Nov 09 – Level 2:

Class 2 – Amina & Stetson break down body circles

Class 2 – Group 1:

Class 2 – Group 2:

Class 3 – Group 1:

Class 3 – Group 2:

Class 3 – Stetson in front with backup dancers

Class 4 – (last class of Nov 09 Session)

Class 4 – other group

Please fill out this after class survey to help out Stetson and I:

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