Directions to Studio and Garage

(This is a private link – you’ll be lost without it – Please print this)
(Includes what to bring/wear at the bottom of this page)

5454 Wisconsin Ave Chevy Chase, MD 20815 – The Class is in the dance studio inside the Chevy Chase athletic Club (gym) on the 18th floor — Building is called the Barlow Building (Tall office building with a starbucks to the left of it)


The front entrance will be locked usually – wave until the security guard sees you and unlocks the door electronically, or call him using the no. posted on the door if he’s not at the desk. So make sure to bring your cell phones.  The security guard’s number is (202) 603-2855- just in case you need it. Or if you enter through the parking garage take the elevator from there – that part won’t be locked. See just below directions on how to find the garage

From the garage or lobby, Take elevator to the 17th floor and then take the stairs to the 18th floor penthouse level to the Chevy Chase Athletic Club (a gym).   On the 17th floor there will be 2 hallways across from each other, one on either side of the elevator.  Don’t use the hallway where you see the plastic surgery center with the big glass double doors.  Use the hallway on the other side of the elevators. The class is in the dance studio which is inside the Chevy Chase Athletic Club: If you have trouble finding the place I may not be able to pick up the phone if I’m already teaching so call the Chevy Chase Athletic Club at (301) 656-8834 — If you come to class on Sunday you can follow the “Tai Chi” class signs.

class is less than 5 minute walk from friendship heights metro which is on the red line - take the Western Ave exit – then Western and Wisconsin Exit

Free parking on the street Behind the building on a street called The Hills Plaza.  And often free parking across the street from the front entrance of the building at the meters depending on the time of day (read signs).

PARKING GARAGE ($1 for 2.5 hours with validation from the studio):
The Parking Garage closes at 10pm on weeknights and is BEHIND the building on a street called The Hills Plaza (across the street from Chipotle).  The sign is marked 5454 Wisconsin Ave Barlow Building (it is NOT on wisconsin ave though it’s on a street called the Hills Plaza).  NOTE: IF you come on SUNDAY, parking is free and one garage door will be closed and the other open – and there will be no parking attendant. However you are allowed to park there (That’s where the instructors have parked for years) and your car will be fine as it IS open it just looks closed.

NOTE: To get the $1 discounted rate – you must park in the correct garage you can get your parking ticket validated at the front desk of the Chevy Chase Athletic Club

PARKING LOT Directions: Traveling South on Wisconsin, turn right on South Park Avenue, then take a left at Hill Plaza and turn into our parking garage on the left. The sign is marked “5454 Wisconsin Ave”
PARKING LOT Directions: Traveling North on Wisconsin, take a left on Willard Avenue and a right at Hill Plaza. The parking garage for 5454 Wisconsin Ave will be on your right.
Still Lost: Call the Chevy Chase Athletic Club I rent from for directions (301) 656-8834 — Do not ask them class questions though as they only rent out space to me

How to get to the elevator within the Garage? Park on P2 which is the first level you go in (go straight).  Go through the elevator room where the door that is propped open (door furthest from garage entrance).  The elevator room that has a shut door may sound off an alarm when you open the door.  (If that happens you won’t get in trouble the gaurd will just have to come downstairs to turn off the alarm).

$1 Parking Garage Photo:

* A printout of this email so you can find the garage and the room which is difficult to find within the building! :)
* $1 for parking at the garage for the class or credit card – and bring your parking ticket with you to get stamped at the front desk of the Chevy Chase Athletic club (studio is inside there)
* WEAR comfortable sneakers,  Bare feet or ballet shoes are fine too. DO NOT wear sandals, flip flops, boots, high heels, or shoes that can leave scuff marks. Sneakers or Nike Musiques are a good dance shoe. I personally will be wearing Nike Musi

* Form fitting top (so I can correct your moves if need be), and form fitting bottoms like leggings or shorts that you can work out and stretch in without them ripping
* Bottle of water (there is also a water fountain but it’s not inside the dance room)
* There’s a big locker room so you can change there if you need to and even shower if you like.  You can also put your belongings in the dance room or in one of the lockers in the bathroom.  There are already locks attached to the lockers so you don’t need to bring one.
* As a reminder, no bringing friends, family, or children to watch class from inside the dance studio.  They may watch from outside the dance room or wait outside the room on the couch.  But small children are not allowed to be unattended in the gym as it’s too dangerous.

Amina =)