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Beginners Video Editing using Sony Vegas

New Date TBA

10am-5pm (6 hours of class & 1 hour of break)

Jay Chapin
(Bio below)

Near Bethesda Metro

$99 – Software NOT Included
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Learn basic video editing skills for the purpose of your own use for fun as well as for your business.  This isn’t meant for people who want to be professional video editors.

Beginners with little to no editing experience

* Bring your own laptop (and mouse recommended) OR you can just watch the class with no computer (The teacher’s computer will be projected on a screen as he teaches), the price is the same either way.  You should also bring your own copy of Sony Vegas Software (read below in the FAQs where to buy it).
* This is for a PC or Mac with Windows

DATE/TIME: 1 Saturday, Sept. 17 — 10am to 5pm (6 hours of class, 30 min. lunch break, and two 15-minute breaks in between)

The Palisades of Bethesda (a luxury apartment’s conference room)
4835 Cordell Ave Bethesda MD 20814
Near Bethesda Metro with ample parking
Note: The instructor Jay and the organizer Amina are not affiliated with The Palisades of Bethesda but are using the space just for the class


Interview with Instructor Jay About Video Editing Class:

• How to Edit the Sony Way – Sony Vegas Editing Software is “The Most Powerful for the Price!”
• How to Capture video from your camera to your computer
• How to Edit your video just the way you want it
• How to add music, voiceovers and any audio you like
• How to Add transitions and other special effects
• How to Add professional titles
• How to Add movement to your still photos
• How to create picture in picture and multi tracks
• How to create the “GreenScreen Effect”
• How to create files for the web, DVD, and Blue Ray
• How to use the Sony Vegas Movie Studio program to get your video up on YouTube automatically!
• How to embed Videos from YouTube and other video sites on to your website
• And much more!

What this class is NOT!

• It is not a class for those interested in editing professionally (although it could be a stepping stone for some)
• It is not a class on shooting video
• It is not a class on lighting for video


Where can I buy Sony Vegas Software and how much does it cost?
You can buy a download at
Or you can get a hard copy at the following online vendors:

B & H :

Cheapest (they will ship to you) is:

How long does the class take?
Our editing Class is 6 hours, we’ll have breaks in between

What do I need to bring with me?

It is optional to bring your own laptop with you . If you bring your own laptop then you will need a laptop computer with either Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP, or Windows for Mac.  Your computer must have a disc drive to download the software.  And finally, although you can do without a mouse, you will find many advantages by  using a mouse with this program.

You will also need a copy of Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Edition.  Read above on where and how to buy it.

Do I need to bring my video camera to the class?

You can if you want to, but the training on uploading video to your computer will be done by our instructor for training purposes only.  We will be providing you with a disc of video files that you can copy to your hard drive for the training on editing.

What are the minimum power requirements for my laptop computer?
Let’s face it.  Video does take up a lot of hard drive space and consumes a lot of power to run smoothly on your computer.  But any laptop that you have bought in the last 3 or 4 years should be able to handle the small files we will be using.  You should have at least a few gigs of free space on your hard drive.  If you are planning to buy a new computer in the near future, I would suggest a dual processor, 4 gigs of Ram, and at least 250 gigs of hard drive space. Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to see Vegas Movie Studio HD system requirements.

Do you guarantee your class?
We do guarantee to teach the basic skills (and a few advanced skills) to be able to take your video from your camera, know how to get it onto your computer, manipulate it in your own creative way, turn it into the file of your choice and get it up on the web or create a DVD.  But, we can not guarantee your creative ability when it comes to editing, or the content of your video.

Will we learn how to shoot professional video?

No, this class is on editing video, not shooting video.  There will be times during the class, that we will naturally throw out tips on shooting quality video, as it relates to shooting the right footage to edit with, but lessons on shooting video is not part of the training.


Jay Chapin is owner of Biz Video Solutions and partners with Brian Dragonuk of Dragonuk and administrator of the Dragonuk Connects website.
Back in 1997, Jay, then a pastry chef knew something was missing from his life.  Even with the creative outlet he possessed as a pastry chef, he knew he needed something more.  So he became an actor, and although enjoyable, he found himself hanging around the crew more than the actors on sets like the West Wing, the Wire and as a principle in many commercials. While taking classes on video production, he found his place in the editing booth.  The first time he ever edited, he knew he had finally found his niche in life!  He quickly opened his own video business, Biz Video Solutions, starting out by editing video demo reels for actors.  He then moved on to corporate video production, and has been producing videos for such corporations as Taylor Royall Casting, Davco (Wendy’s Regional Franchise), motivational speaker and Millionaire maker Dan Kennedy, and many others. From 2003 to 2006, Jay was a broker for a Sony distributor and traveled around the country doing editing demonstrations in the Sony booth at shows like NAB, the Government Video Expo and the DV expo.  Jay Says, “Video editing is the love of my life and there’s no greater joy than teaching it to others!”


Space is limited to only 15 students! Registration will close once the class is full and the last one filled early so hurry and reserve your spot today.
Get 20% off your total when you sign up with a friend – the discount shows up automatically once you put 2 or more in the shopping cart and pay at once with one credit card.

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