Speed Reading Intro Seminar

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Speed Reading Intro Seminar

Date TBA


Arvin Vohra
(Bio below)

4626 River Rd.
Bethesda, MD 20816

$50 total - Date TBA
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Ages 14 years old to age 114 years old

4 Blocks from Friendship Heights Metro, free parking in neighborhood
Arvin Vohra Education
4626 River Rd.
Bethesda, MD 20816

A.) Class is located at a different location from all the other class locations
Class is a few blocks from Friendship Heights Metro with parking in the neighborhood side streets. 
All registration is in advance online only, not in person.  Spaces are expected to fill before the class date.

Email DistrictGroove@gmail.com or call or text message Amina at (301) 641-6055


Speed reading is just skimming. When you increase speed, you lose comprehension.
Your Instructor, Arvin Vohra finished the GMAT an hour and a half early. He also finished the GRE an hour and forty five minutes early. He got perfect scores on both.
About His Approach:
His approach to speed reading is called Rapid Analytical Reading, and it is designed to quickly and accurately analyze the most complex texts while still retaining the full meaning.

There are plenty of speed reading approaches that can teach you how to skim a newspaper or browse through an easy biography. Those approaches essentially trade speed for comprehension – you read faster, but you comprehend less. As long as the material is easy enough, your mind can guess at the gaps.

Arvin Vohra’s Rapid Analytical Reading approach, on the other hand, increases comprehension. These are the same methods that Arvin Vohra used to finish the GRE 1.5 hours early, and the GMAT 1.25 hours early. He got perfect scores on both tests.

In this class you will learn to use traditional speed reading methods, including the tachistoscope approach and the Evelyn Woods approach. But more importantly, you will be introduced to Arvin Vohra’s Rapid Analytical Reading approach. Not only will you learn how to speed read easy texts like newspapers and magazines, but will learn how to speed read advanced fiction, standardized test passages, and difficult textbooks.

It takes about 6 months to become proficient in speed reading, and about a year to become proficient in Rapid Analytical Reading. This introductory course explains the fundamentals of both speed reading and Rapid Analytical Reading. By the end of the course, students will have a strong enough grasp of fundamental principals of both to proceed, as well as a road map of what to do in order to master these valuable skills.


Arvin Vohra is the founder of Arvin Vohra Education.  He is the author of The Equation for Excellence: How to Make Your Child Excel at Math, which has been published in both the United States and in China, and has been featured on Channel 9 News.  (His channel 9 interview video is available for your viewing below this bio). He was also the primary developer of Vocabulary Synapse, a vocabulary program used in SAT and GRE preparation.

Arvin’s passion for educational innovation began while he was studying at the Landon School in Bethesda, MD. Frustrated by the limitations he perceived in standard education, he began to test the limits of a different type of approach. He learned algebra in a few weeks to advance a level in math, and even attended college courses as early as eighth grade. In high school, he received a score of 5 on 10 AP exams to become an AP National Scholar. For 6 of those exams, he did not take the corresponding AP class, and instead relied on intensive outside study. He was also a National Merit Finalist, with the highest SAT and PSAT scores in his graduating class. On the SAT, he received a score of 790 on both the math and verbal sections. He also received a perfect score of 800 on both the Math IIc and Chemistry SAT II tests. For his efforts he was awarded the Rensselaer Medal for Math and Science in his Junior year. During this time, Arvin worked actively as a tutor for younger students, most notably at the North Chevy Chase Elementary School.

Arvin attended Brown University, where his passion for educational innovation continued to grow. He worked as a tutor and teacher as part of the Wheeler School’s Aerie Program. At Wheeler, he designed accelerated and nontraditional curricula for students ranging from second to eighth grade. Later, he worked as a consultant for the Hamilton Institute for Learning Differences. After graduating from Brown University with a B.Sc. in mathematics and a B.A. in economics, he received perfect scores on both the GRE and the GMAT, finishing each test with well over an hour to spare. He also passed two actuarial exams in a single testing period while working as an actuary at GEICO.

Through the years, his initial frustration with standard education had developed into a powerful educational philosophy. This philosophy, combined with creative problem solving applied to education, formed the foundation for AVE.

Arvin’s former students, most of whom started out struggling with their grades, have gone onto Universities like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Dartmouth, MIT, Columbia, Cornell U Penn. Many of Arvin’s SAT students have gone from having mediocre SAT scores and learning disabilities to receiving perfect SAT scores after taking Arvin’s SAT prep classes.


YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image

Cliche as it sounds, the difference between Arvin all other tutors I have been to is that Arvin teaches you how to fish whereas other tutors fish for you and hope you remember how to do it some day.
Moreover, he is actually just one of the most interesting, multidimensional, and funniest people I have ever met.
- Nal T.

Excellent tutor, teacher, and mentor. Helps with everything from the basics to the esoteric stuff. Very pragmatic and customized teaching style. Helped me achieve a near perfect SAT score with 200+ point improvement. Also taught me speed reading, and calculus. Best tutor I have worked with and exceptional individual. Highly recommended for ambitious students who want to do better and be more efficient learners.
- Akahay R.

Arvin is the best tutor I have worked with. He is extremely knowledgeable, focused, and efficient. Prior to Arvin I worked briefly with other LSAT tutors, none of whom I continued with. These past tutors had me decide what I needed to work on; I was the leader and our meetings felt like ‘Question and Answer’ sessions. In my case, I wanted to be led because I didn’t know what I was doing incorrectly. During our first session, Arvin evaluated my strengths and weaknesses and pinpointed my unproductive habits. Since then, he has taught me how to develop the skills needed to fully grasp complex reading material. The great part about Arvin’s comprehensive teaching style is that none of what I am learning will go to waste. Even after I complete the LSAT, I will continue to improve my reading abilities using AVE’s advanced reading methods.
- Tara L.


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