Emails from Screenwriting Students


This is Tom N.   I’m the guy in class on Saturday who saw symbols with fish in Chinatown and you asked me to read the SPEAKER part in the Fletch scene.
I thought you did a great job. It’s evident you care deeply about the craft, even the art of films, and that you are passionate about teaching. It’s the best $100 bucks I ever spent…

Tom N

Thank you so much for the opportunity to see you in action. Loved your energy, your knowledge. Clearly, you enjoy what you do and the course packet was incredible. I definitely left knowing that I would like to do screenwriting at some point, but I don’t watch enough movies and I need to definitely get a lot more training before building my script (I have a good outline for what I think could be a great movie hence my interest in getting formal training). . .
Please keep me posted about upcoming class offerings in the area. Great meeting you. Hope to work with you again soon.

Shawn S

As I told you on Saturday, I really enjoyed the class!
I took “The Social Network” home and tried to only read the first scene— but it was impossible!  Before I knew it, I’d finished the whole thing.  What an amazing read!   The dialogue and the structure were very inspiring.  I can’t wait to see the film.

Please let me know the next course that you’re giving down here so I can be involved.

Walter G

Hey Marc,
Last Saturday I attended your seminar [in Bethesda] on Writing and Selling Your Screenplay.  I learned some useful information about screenwriting, but I also had a great time!  I’ve spoken with another attendee, Maria, who called the conference instructional and inspiring.
Are you scheduled to teach other conferences in the D.C. area?  Please let me know if you are.  I will be glad to pass the word to my screenwriting group and to screenwriters I’ve met in other workshops.
Thanks again for a great seminar!
Dana L

Just wanted to let you know that my friend’s boyfriend’s brother enjoyed your
workshop on Saturday.  Here is an excerpt from my friend’s email:
“Also, his brother LOVED the screenwriting workshop.  I believe the exact quote
was, “F**king awesome.”‘


I love you, man.  You are the real deal.
Lets do some great things.  You’ve got the goods.  I learned a lot in the 4 short hours.  Your seminar is price correctly – perhaps low.
I love this stuff!
Tim W

More than anything, I think the workshop was very inspiring.  I’m still riding a bit high from it…  Marc’s analysis of scenes (why they worked, breaking them down, etc.) was VERY helpful and something you cannot get in a book!  I’m really glad I came, I so enjoyed it.

Wendra C