Hip Hop Level 2 — Teens/Adults



Adult & Teens Hip Hop – Ages 12 to Adults
Level 2
High Beginners

4 Saturdays

July 3 – Aug 24

Kyle 2 Classes
& Russ
2 classes

Friendship Heights (click here for directions)
$69 total - with make-ups

(Limited spaces left out of 15)

This is a unique class in that 2 out of 4 of the classes will be taught by 2 different teachers.  Kyle Sanders (Click here for info on him) will teach general hip hop choreography for 2 of the classes.  For the other 2 classes Russ Santos (Click here for info on him) will teach Hip Hop Locking in a freestyle routine.  Hip Hop Locking for those of you who don’t know, is one of the forms of dance used by the late and great Michael Jackson.  Both teachers will break down the steps for you and both teachers are patient, young, and friendly.  The Level is for those who have some hip hop experience.  The class is for adults and teens ages 12 and over:  Average age 20’s.  There is no teens Level 1 currently so teens can start with this class.  Adults are encouraged to take Level 1 (click here for info) with Amina first if they have no prior dance experience.