Adults & Teens — Hip Hop Locking Beginners


Adult & Teens Hip Hop Locking Technique
2 Saturdays
July 10 & July 17
1-2pm 2 classes Russ (hip hop locking) Friendship Heights small-sign-up-button-USE
$35 tot
al - with make-ups
(Limited spaces left out of 15)

Russ “Lockin’ Robin” Santos is a very friendly and detail oriented teacher who breaks the moves down well.  He will be teaching 2 classes of hip hop locking technique.  His class teaches Teens & Adults (ages 12 to 100 years) Beginners Hip Hop Locking to all levels who are new to the hip hop style of Locking which was one of the many styles of hip hop dance used by the late and great Michael Jackson.  Russ specializes in Locking & RnB/free movement style of dance.  He is an alumnus of the well known Major Definition Hip-Hop team at UMBC and continues to choreograph for them.  And like Hip Hop Level 2 teacher Stetson, he is a member of the Culture Shock DC Dance Company. Russ also co-founded the Tito BoysScouts Dance Crew in 2006.  With his many accomplishments and love for spreading dance, Russ makes for an excellent choice of dance teacher.  Feel free to watch his videos below and see what Hip Hop Locking means and if his class is right for you.

Below Russ talks & Describes his Hip Hop Locking Class

Below Russ Demonstrates Hip Hop Locking by Freestyling for us: