The Art of Cool

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Adults Hip Hop Level 1
4 Mon. evenings – $69 total
Adults Breakdance Beginners
4 Tues. evenings – $89 total
Screenwriting Workshop with Yale Professor
1 Sat. afternoon – $100 total

The Art of Cool:
1 Fri. evening – $20 total
Speed Reading Intro Seminar: 1 Sat. afternoon – $50 total
Cooking Class: 1 Sat. afternoon – $65 total

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Have you been given a series of seemingly conflicting pieces of advice when it comes to dating? Perhaps you have been told that you have to be a “jerk” or “bitch” to be successful with the opposite sex. Or you have gotten the same worn out advice that you should “be yourself” yet it doesn’t help you to get what you want. It can be confusing, especially if there is no step by step process, no roadmap to guide you.

This course is intended to give you practical tools and techniques that you can use to get results TONIGHT! This includes everything from a class

night out, as well as information on how to present yourself in a way that is confident and attractive. You will learn how to act, talk, and move, so that you will become naturally attractive to the person you desire.