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INTERNATIONAL COOKING WITH TANUJA — All Organic, Vegan & Delicious Ingredients

Space is limited to only 10 students total! Registration will close once the class is full.  Get 20% off your total when you sign up with a friend – the discount shows up automatically once you put 2 in the shopping cart and pay at once with one credit card.  The more people who sign up together the bigger the discount!

DATE: TBA, join the newsletter!
STUDENT LIMIT: 10 student limit (adults)
ADDRESS: Location will be emailed to you upon sign up, class is located at a private location in Chevy Chase Maryland, just a few blocks from Friendship Heights Metro
QUESTIONS: Email or call or text message Amina at (301) 641-6055

* Party at end of class where we eat what we make
* An instructional Video of Tanuja preparing the meals we made in class so you can refer back to it
* An email with Recipes from what we did in class including health benefits descriptions
* All organic, vegan, and healthy ingredients with no preservatives, butter, dairy, or sugar, and everything is gluten free except the samosas

* Guacamole (Description: A Mexican appetizer with avocado and mild spices)
* Indian Samosa with mint chutney: (Description: A mildly spiced Indian breaded appetizer made with potatoes and peas)
* Gourmet Dark Chocolate Strawberry Truffle


Impress your friends and dates with simple to make and healthy yet delicious cooking when they come over for a party or a movie night.
We’ll take a trip around the world as we sample appetizers from Mexico, India, and France – all modified to be healthy and delicious!

Ingredients are all organic and vegan.
NO preservatives, butter, NO flour, NO gluten (except samosas), NO dairy, NO processed (table) sugar or sugar substitutes like Splenda or Equal,
For example, we’ll use tasty ingredients like honey, tofu, grapeseed oil, almond flour, coconut flour, and coconut nectar.

Over the course of your experience with us, we’ll explain the benefits of using such ingredients and teach you how to experiment with substitutions to fit your dietary needs.  Every person is different and we want to make the experience as personalized as possible.

We will  start with guacomole so we can snack on with chips while we work on the rest of the appetizers. At end we’ll have a little party where we eat what we’ve made.
You will go home with videos of what we did, as well as a course packet that has the recipes and instructions of what we did that day which you’ll have to take notes on during class so you
don’t forget what you’ve learned.


Tanuja Paruchuri loves food and loves to eat, but believes that healthy food does not have to taste bad.  Tanuja created several recipes and meals for her businesses based on her own transition to a healthier lifestyle.  She is the owner of 2 food businesses, Food for Thin and The Chocolate Sutra.
“For many years my staple Friday night dinner (and reward for a tiring week) was an entire medium pizza with pepperoni, sausage, and jalapenos.  I’d wash that down with a Coke and follow it up with some ice cream.  I never imagined that I could lose 40 pounds and go from a size 10 to a size 0 just by making simple changes in my diet.”     – Tanuja (founder of Food for Thin)

Tanuja BEFORE Healthy Diet

Tanuja AFTER Healthy Diet

Food for Thin’s cookies, muffins, and other baked goods are made with almond flour (ground up almonds), sweetened with organic honey, and contain other healthy ingredients. But they taste as good as fresh baked cookies and muffins from any bakery. Afterwards, there is no disgusting feeling, no sugar crash – it is literally health food that tastes like dessert.
My two favorites are the blueberry muffins and the golden raisin oatmeal cookies, but pretty much everything I have tried so far has been delicious.
Great to bring to parties instead of the generic bottle of wine, great for meetings, classes, etc. Extremely reasonable prices, especially considering what you are getting.
Arvin V. Yelp Review, Click here to read more Yelp Reviews

Could not believe I was eating something so healthy! Food for Thin’s cupcakes are to die for! When I heard the ingredients I was at first a little skeptical that they would taste this good, but if I had the choice I would prefer these over the regular store bought products anytime.
Thanks Food for Thin’s!
Mathew B. Yelp Review, Click here to read more Yelp Reviews

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