Stand up Comedy Seminar

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Stand up Comedy Seminar – Lecture

New Date TBA


Comedian Brad Trackman
(Bio below)

Near Bethesda Metro (See Address Below)

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* 20% off your total automatically once you put 2 in the shopping cart (for 2 friends paying at once with 1 payment transaction)
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The Palisades of Bethesda (Luxury Apartment Building’s Conference room)
4835 Cordell Ave Bethesda MD 20814 – Must pre-pay at the link at the top of the page – Amina will have the attendance list with her to check people in
Near Bethesda Metro with ample free parking at the Public Garages nearby which are free on weekends
NOTE: The instructor and the organizer Amina are not affiliated with The Palisades of Bethesda Building but are using the space only for the Seminar

This seminar is for everyone from the complete novice who always dreamed of doing stand up to the working comic who wants to take his/her career to the next level.

$100 (see discounts at the top of this page)

PRICE Includes:
* Light Snacks
* Small course packet

Comedy A Thru Z is a comprehensive lecture covering everything you need to know about being an elite working comic. Topics include the following:
* Ways to expedite your success
* Microphone technique
* Developing your persona
* Joke writing and exploring all the specific styles
* The business side of stand up
* How to get work
* How to get on television
* Managers and agents
* Preparing for a show
* Heckling and much more.
* This seminar is for everyone from the complete novice who always dreamed of doing stand up to the working comic who want to take their career to the next level.

QUESTIONS: Email or call or text message Amina at (301) 641-6055



For the past five years, Brad has been teaching stand up at the prestigious Ivy league University of Pennsylvania/ Wharton School of Business.  He has been conducting a national seminar, Comedy A thru Z, to amazing reviews at numerous venues, such as The DC and Hollywood FL Improv, Hilarities Comedy Theater, and the Punchline in San Francisco.
Brad Trackman, a 21-year veteran comedian, is a regular at every major comedy club in NYC, with numerous national television credits as a featured comic.
He has opened for Dana Carvey, Joan Rivers and Weird Al Yankovic in arenas with crowds of up to 7,000.
Trackman began teaching at the American Comedy Institute for 5 years alongside his first teacher, Stephen Rosenfield. Brad than opened The Philadelphia Comedy Academy at Philadelphia’s Helium Comedy Club, which has become one of the nation’s most successful stand up comedy programs.  Many of Brad’s students have made national television appearances, including debuts on Comedy Central and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.
MTV recently chose Brad to train the cast of The Buried Life how to do stand up comedy. Trackman and former executive producer Rick Delgado of Opie and Anthony are currently developing a reality show based on Brad’s teaching, appropriately titled,
The Joke Whisperer. See more about Brad Trackman at




“Brad Trackman is a master of teaching the standup technique. If it weren’t for Brad, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Brad taught me the essentials of comedy — like: moving the mic stand, coming through the curtain smoothly and standing in the spotlight correctly. As far as Off stage advice– Brad gives you the essentials: why you should never use the condiments in the comedy condo fridge, pretending to like the owner of the club and always eating your vegetables (good advice for people who aren’t involved in comedy as well). On stage, Brad is funnier than you’d think… His setups are superior to most people’s punchlines and his topic transitions garner deafening applause. … if I were to do an impression of the best comedy coach/teacher it would be Brad Trackman.”
- Frank Caliendo (Frank TV, FOX NFL Sunday, Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Last Call With Carson Daly, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Comedy Central Presents)

“When it comes to Brad Trackman, the old adage ‘Those who can’t do, teach,’ couldn’t be less true!! The way to learn comedy is from a pro — someone who’s seen it all, been through it all, and become a success in spite of it all. Brad is one of those pros. Whether you’re a true beginner or someone who wants to take his comedy to another level, my friend Brad is the guy to help. Experience speaks for itself, folks, and that voice of experience and expertise is Brad Trackman.”
- Lisa Lampanelli (Comedy Central Presents, numerous Comedy Central roasts, Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Lopez Tonight, Chelsea Lately, Drillbit Taylor, and The Aristocrats)

“What makes Brad Trackman such a good teacher is he walks the walk. A nationally touring comedian with over 15 years of experience and countless television credits, nobody is more qualified to talk the talk than Brad Trackman. However he can’t sing for shit.”
- Adam Ferrara (Host of Top Gear, FX’s Rescue Me, ABC’s the Job, The Tonight Show, Late Show with David Letterman, and an hour long Comedy Central Presents)

“Brad trackman has worked with me on dozens of jobs across America. I’ve requested him and have worked with him in Vegas, New York, San Francisco, D.C., Cleveland and Los Angeles, just to name a few. I never have to worry with him. Audiences are always blown away by his original comedic charm.”
- Bobby Slayton (American Comedy Award winner, HBO One Night Stand, Tonight Show, Conan O’Brien, Howard Stern, Dream Girls, Ed Wood, Waynes World 2, The Aristocrats, & Bandits)



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