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Starts in 2 Weeks so Sign Up Today! Don’t wait and end up on the wait list.Limited spaces out of 15 remain.

Schedule Days Dates
(5 Weeks)
Time Teacher Location Registration
Level 1
4 Fri.’s
Level 1
Once a week
Oct. 23 – Nov. 20
(No class Nov. 14)
6-7pm Amina
and Tanya
Friendship Heights $85- with make-ups
Level 1
4 Sat.’s
Level 1
Once a week
Oct. 24 – Nov. 21
(No class Nov. 14)
2:45-3:45pm Amina Friendship Heights $85- with make-ups

WHO: Adult Beginners with little to no experience

AGE & GENDER: Co-ed, ages 16 and over — average age 20’s to 50’s

* Full class discount – 20% OFF If the Adult class fills up, everyone gets a coupon for 20% off their next session. 10% off for Kids Classes. Get as many people as you can to join for this great discount!
* Sign up with friends – $30 OFF your total
. Discount will apply if you purchase multiple classes at once by putting 2 or 3 in the shopping cart. This could be 1 person buying 2 classes or 2 people purchasing 2 classes together. If buying separately, e-mail me the full names and e-mail addresses of everyone you are signing up with and you will get $20 off your total the 1st day of class
* Students or Military – $10 OFF Send an e-mail to Amina from your school’s or military email address for a discount code.
* Contact Amina if you are interested in our internship or service exchange program
** NOTE: The above discounts are available indvidually and not in combination. Plus these are only the adult discounts they do not apply to kids.

0% off t

COURSE DESCRIPTION: To the right see the course description video and below it see Amina’s performance video of a dance she also has performed at the Kennedy Center. Learn the exotic and beautiful art form of Belly dance with Amina. She has performed belly dance at various venues including the Kennedy Center and the World Bank. Her class is more than just a typical dance class. You will have the opportunity to meet new friends through a laid back and non-intimidating class atmosphere and through our class club night out where you meet students from all the other classes as well. Amina will videotape herself and you so that you can practice at home and see your progress. Feel free to stay after class for extra help!

ISOLATIONS & MOVES: Hips, Hip Drops, Hip Figure 8s, Chest Circles, Hip Shimmies, shoulder shimmies, neck isolations, arm undulations (snake arms), and more . . .

TEACHER: Your teacher Amina is friendly, fun and very patient. See a video of her performing below. Read more..

* Make-ups
* Small class of 12 students
* Make new friends through class and through class club night out
* Videos of yourself and your teacher for easier practice
* FUN workout! :-)

WHAT TO WEAR: A form fitting top and pants so your movement can be checked by your teacher. Hip scarves are optional and are optionally available to buy. Should you opt to perform what you learned at the end, bellydance costumes are also available for purchase.