1 Hour Hip Hop Drop-ins

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NEW! Limited Time Only! 1 Hour Hip Hop Drop-ins Start Soon (15 student limit),
NOTE: Spaces are limited to 15 per class. Sign up today & don’t end up on the wait list! Sign ups are online only and will close once classes are full.
INCLUDES: 1 hour of class, Class club night out, practice video emailed to you of your teacher and yourself, discounts on future classes


(1 Day Only)



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Adult Hip Hop & Body Isolations
Level 1 Total Beginners

1 Hour Only
1 Wed.
Oct. 20

8:30-9:30pm Amina Friendship Heights $15 total

Adult Hip Hop &
Body Isolations

Level 1 Total Beginner

1 Hour Only
1 Friday

Oct. 29

6:30 to 9:30pm


Friendship Heights

$15 totalsmall-sign-up-button-USE
(6 spaces left out of 15


Discounts for All Classes **

  • Full class discount – 10% OFF your next class If the Adult class fills up. Get as many people as you can to join for this great discount!
  • Sign up with friends – 15% OFF your total Discount will apply only online and only if you put 2 or 3 in the shopping cart and pay for everyone with the same credit card. This could be 1 person buying 2 classes or 2 people purchasing 2 classes together. This does not work if you’re buying separately. You’ll still get something though, see above discount.
  • Students or Military – 10% OFF Send an e-mail to Amina from your school’s or military email address for a discount code. Only works for Adult classes.
  • Contact Amina if you are interested in our internship or service exchange program
  • ** NOTE: The above discounts are available indvidually and not in combination. These discounts are no available for any Tues. night classes. ________________________________________

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