Hip Hop Performances

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Hip Hop DiverCity Dance Crew PerformanceChoreographed by Serkan Tokay, LaToya McKay, and Tiga Grell
Dancers: Above names as well as Amina Vohra and Desiree Raught


Amina and Tiga dancing to DMX’s song “Come Through”
Choreography taught to Amina by Tiga
German Choreographers: Wace and Platini (Phillnaticz crew)
YouTube Preview Image

Amina and Meredith and Tiga dancing
Choreography by Tiga Grell
Song: “I’m the Ish”
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Below is a 2008 video from a performance at Muqabla 2008 held at the University of Maryland. The dance was performed and choreographed by school director Amina Vohra, as well as dancers Nefertena Francis, and Amber Miller.

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