Bellydance Performances

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Below is a video of Amina’s Fusion Solo Dance. She also performed this same dance recently at the Kennedy Center for the show Fusion 2007: A Reflection of South Asia drum solo dance. She has also performed this dance at the World Bank and at different birthday parties and cultural shows. It is a fusion of Belly Dance, Classical Indian Dance, Bollywood Dance, and a little bit of Hip Hop popping!

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Turkish Bellydance choreographedy by Serkan Tokay
Dancers: Tiga Grell, Amina Vohra, Mollie Latorre, Savannah Kloeden

Below is a 2005 video of the dress rehearsal of Amina’s Beginner’s Fusion Dance Troupe Dance. This dance is a fusion of Belly, Indian, Swing, Flamenco, and Hip-Hop Dance. Choreogarphy by Amina & Nimisha Patel.

Below is a 2007 clip from Image-In-Asian Television of Amina Vohra and 2 of her students Xiaoyan Chen and Libby Romsloe performing at the Bhangra Blowout afterparty at Bollywood2night. Fastforward to the middle to see the troupe dance.

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Real metal Sword and Veil Dance — Amina performs a solo fusion of American and Egyptian Style Belly Dance as well as Indian Dance.
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Note From Amina: If you can get a group together I’ll teach bellydance, it isn’t offered on my site as I don’t have enough students.  I need at least 5 students (with no discounts) if you want me to teach at a place you are willing to rent or at your own house if you have space and a non-carpeted floor.  Or I if I’m teaching in the location I rent, I’d need at least 10 students and can do it on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  Contact Amina or Sign up for Hip Hop all courses are starting soon and filling fast so don’t wait! :-)