Student Testimonials

Email I from a student:
Amina I just won a hot stone massage on the cruise because we made a last minute decision to take the spa tour and they said the person to dance the best would win a treatment and I stood on my chair and body rolled myself into a massage!!! Ha ha ha !!! Thank you!!!”
-Megan T

“Initially when I was joining the classes, i wasn’t too happy with the idea of classes for only 5 weeks and 1 class per week. I mean I wasn’t really sure that I would be able to learn steps so quickly but at the end of it, I did feel a lot of improvement and it did turn out to be a great learning experience. I think the fact that we kept reviewing the steps over and over again was very beneficial and using them in the choreography also helped in mastering them. I’m also going to take Level 2. I wouldn’t ask to get off work early and take the metro all the way from alexandria if it wasnt worth it .”
-Prachi A.

Facebook post from a student:
Amina! you’re the best gall-darn dance teacher this side of the mississippi…prolly the whole gall-darn country for that matter…and your classes are sooo much fun! so anyone out there wondering if you’re gonna like these classes, take it from me, you’ll love love love it!!
-Philip H.

“Email from a student:
Definitely am looking forward to some more dancing on wednesdays [level 2], your class has helped my dancing sooo much. The dance story I was going to tell you is basically me and this other kid had a little dance off, he did something weird, so in retort i threw out 2 or three moves that you taught us in class, and he and some people were really impressed, and one person even asked if I could teach him those moves, haha. It was pretty cool cause I never imagined there being a time where I could actualy impress people with my dancing of all things. All thanks to you Amina :) . So that’s the story basically, thanks again, I’ll see you in class on wednesday!
-Alex B

“This semester has been a blast. I’m really having fun and gaining confidence with a lot of the moves. It really helped to relieve a lot of stress for me.”
-Frankie V.

“This is the most fun I’ve had all week!”
-Rosemary N.

“It’s such a fun filled class, and I like everyone! We should definitely keep in touch and hang out even after the class.”
-Bijal S.

“You have such a friendly and relaxed attitude towards the class and it made me feel comfortable. I was never intimidated to ask questions. If i ever want to take classes again i will definitely be coming to you”
-Teresa R.

“I liked the individual attention you gave, and the fact that you worked with students to help each and every one with their technique, or something they were struggling with. I have really enjoyed the class!”
-Katie S.

“You are very good and teaching us how to do each move. You take us step by step on how to move our bodies. There is a good mixture of different styles incorporated in the dance. We have really bonded and have fun in class.”
- Sesilia C.

“I like the simple breakdown of steps. I like how it really caters to what the students want to learn. I like the comfort level a lot. I’m still a little shy but I’m comfortably learning. The class isn’t intimidating and I like that.”
-Joe B.

“I just wanted to let you know that I did learn a lot, and I got exactly what I wanted out of the courses. I liked the constant review of basic techniques, the freestlying section, and the partner dancing. I would suggest that these be continued. I also enjoyed the gradual build-up of basic skills as well as the complementary expertise of the instructors.”
-Jonathan H.

“I like how the class is designed to teach you to dance in a club.”
-Mike S.

“The class has been not just fun but also just right for a beginner that likes to dance, but has had no instruction before. It also has a low pressure environment, but offers lots of information and material to take away.”
-Daniela R.

“This class was super! My otherwise dance challenged husband was doing the body wave and dancing to Flo Rida’–great fun!”
-Jami A.

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