Amina (Dance instructor)
Amina has been teaching professionally now for over 12 years.  Her classes have recently been featured on. . .
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Alyssa (Dance instructor)
Alyssa is of Bengali descent and has been dancing Bollywood since childhood.. . .
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Keshia-Lee (Choreographer)
Keshia is a former District Groove dance instructor and has simplified and has choreographed most of the Beyonce Dance Class Choreogrpahies by dissecting and simplifying them from the original music videos as well as a lot of  the workshop . . .
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Tricia (Dance Instructor)
Tricia has over 20 years of dance experience and has taught to all ages for many years. She attended George Washington university studying postmodern technique. An amazing dancer, she has toured with Grammy award winning R&B artist . . .
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Lindsey (Dance Instructor)
Lindsey is a very patient and friendly instructor. She has over 20 years of dance experience. She has spent 4 years as part of a competitive dance team . . . .
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Alyson (Dance Instructor):
Alyson has been dancing since the age of 6.  She got her start at Spelman’s Children’s Dance and Drama Program and Ballethnic Dance Academy in Atlanta, Georgia. And she was a dance captain and jazz/hip hop choreographer for both her high school and college dance teams.
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Jen (Dance Instructor)
Jen, originally from West Africa, began her dance career in Northern California.   She spent 6 years in Los Angeles pursuing dance. . .
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Elle (Dance Instructor)
Elle has been dancing, choreographing, & teaching for over 15 years. Although her training in in classical ballet – she is most passionate about tap, jazz, musical theater…and of course Beyonce dancing! She’s worked on several musicals including . . .
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Chi (Assistant Dance Instructor)
For Chi, dancing is her best form of communication. Originally from Florida, Chi has over 20 years of dance experience. She began formal training in high school and continues to perform many styles of dance today-including jazz, hip hop and Beyonce :) . . .
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