HIP HOP CLASS: Frequently Asked Questions

Any Kids classes? None in any class right now

Location?  See this link

How do I sign up? Signing up is easy and can be done on the Class Schedule page.  Once you sign up you’ll shortly get an email instructions on how to find the room and the passcode to the building.

Are all classes co-ed? Yes. There are usually about half men and half women but the ratio can vary from session to session.

Age? No one under age 18 and anyone over that age. The average age is 20 to 40.  Dating class is ages 21 and over though.

Hip Hop Class Price Breakdown: NO Drop-ins, must sign up for full 4 week course: Hip Hop Class comes is $69 for 4 classes — comes to $17.25 per hour  — with make-ups included and optional extra help after class (plus class club night out & practice videos of your teacher and videos of yourself to see what you look like!)

Can I stop by class sometime and watch class? Sorry!  Watching class makes some students feel uncomfortable since it is a small class of all beginners. However you are welcome to check out the class videos to see if the class is right for you.

Are there Hip Hop Class drop ins? No there are no drop ins this is a full 4 week session with make-ups. Drop ins disrupt the class flow and don’t allow the whole class to get to know each other and progress and improve as a whole.

Hip Hop Make-Up Classes? If there is a next session then yes, but that is not guaranteed when or what time that would be.  You must confirm with DistrictGroove@gmail.com to find out when then next session would be.

Hip Hop Class size? 12 student limit per class, but not everyone shows up to every class due to their schedules so it won’t always be that many.  It’s a really big room with a high ceiling, wood floors, big windos, and mirrors so it’s a great space!

What to Wear: Wear a shirt that is somewhat form fitting like an undershirt or a tank top so we can more easily see and correct your movements. Wear pants that are comfortable to move and stretch in. Track pants, yoga pants, or sweat pants are good. Jeans or office pants can be cumbersome. It is better to change before you arrive if you can because there is only one bathroom, and it is a co-ed class.

Shoes Suggestions: No high heels and no shoes that leave black scuff marks on the floor. We suggest running shoes or sneakers.  We DO NOT recommend Boots, hiking boots, and office shoes as they will not support you and can cause joint pain.  Bare feet are not recommended either as your knees will have better support with shoes on.

What to bring: $1.00 if you’re parking in the garage.  Also bring water with you (there is also a water cooler at the studio).  Please don’t bring your kids with you as there is heavy gym equipment lying around and no one to watch your kids.

Refunds: Because of the class limit, giving a refund means that someone else who wanted to take the class could not because you took a spot out of 12. Therefore there is a no-refund policy. However classes can be transferred to another semester (if there is oe) or to another type of class (even non-dance).