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Adults co-ed, ages 18 and over, for special permission to join when younger email

Class Schedule for class choices

See Locations -  All locations are Bethesda or Friendship Heights Metro Accessible with ample parking

See Class Schedule for class times/dates and student ages

See Class Schedule for class prices

The more friends that sign up, the bigger the discount
* 20% OFF your total automatically once you put 2 or more in the shopping cart (for 2 or more students paying at once in 1 payment transaction)
* OR GET 20% OFF when you buy 2 or more different dance drop-in classes and/or courses for yourself and put 2 or more in the shopping cart
NOTE: Must pay for everyone at once with 1 credit card at one time to get the friends discount. Discounts can not be combined.

1.) No guests or small children allowed to watch inside the classroom but they may wait outside on the couch (within the gym) ONLY IF they are attended by an adult. No exceptions.
2.) Any students that are disrespectful, inebriated, or disruptive during class will be asked to leave class without a refund.

There is a no-refund policy. UNLESS you do not like the first class, in which case you must TEXT MESSAGE (301) 641-6055 AND EMAIL with your full name and email address that you paid with within 24 hours of your first class in order to get a refund.

If you need to miss a class, then you can transfer it to another class ONLY if it is within the same month. Class transfers are not guaranteed as it depends on if there are other classes that month and if they fill or not. To transfer a class you must email for permission.

Co-ed, ages 18 and over.  Special exceptions can be made if you are age 16 or over by contacting –  The average student is between 20 and 40 but if you are older, no worries! District Groove does not discriminate based on gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

You will get an email from or with the address (which is also on the website under the top “location” tab), directions to the room within the building, metro directions and parking information of the location.

NOTE: Sessions can be Delayed or Cancelled
The start date of a class can be delayed or canceled if it does not fill up with enough students in time.  This rarely happens, but if this does happen then students will have a choice to wait until the class fills or get a full refund.  Please spread the word so that doesn’t happen!

District Groove is covered under liability insurance.

Email or call or text (301) 641-6055